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Small Ruminant Rearing – Product Markets, Opportunities and Constraints

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Feb 01, 2012

This report aims to place the economic context of small ruminant rearing within broader policy and institutional frameworks, and studies the value chains of goat and sheep meat, goat and sheep skin, and sheep wool. The study also documents some of the approaches and practices on small ruminant rearing under implementation in different parts of the country.

The objective of the study is the analysis and documentation of approaches and practices related to market prospects, and identification of opportunities for facilitating access of smallholder livestock owners to more remunerative markets.

The report successfully attempts to construct the value chains of three important products of the small ruminant sector - meat, leather and wool.

यह बकरी का जो व्यापार हैं -

कभी खूब घना

कभी मुट्ठी भर चना

और कभी वोह भी मना

(Jainul Aabeedin, West Bengal)



This business of goats -
Sometimes it flourishes
Sometimes it yields only a handful of chickpeas
And sometimes even that is denied

Author: Varsha Mehta


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