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Meat Atlas - Facts and figures about the animals we eat

by ruchita — last modified Mar 05, 2014 05:15 PM

Mar 05, 2014

The Meat Atlas has been jointly published by the HeinrichBöll Foundation, Germany and Friends of the Earth Europe, and documents the impact of meat and dairy production with the objective of catalyzing the debate over the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming. It aims to inspire people to look at their own consumption, and for politicians at all levels to take action to support those farmers, processors, retailers and networks who are working to achieve change. The publication emphasizes the need for more efficient use of natural resources to ensure that these are fairly distributed and everyone has access to safe, sufficient, sustainable and nutritious food.

The publication, through a range of info-graphics, provides information on the various facets of meat production comprising the slaughter industry, retail markets, the environmental cost of production, free trade, use of antibiotics and pesticides, availability of good quality feed and water, and the important role of women in livestock rearing across the world.

The publication can be downloaded from the following web-link:

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