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Family poultry nutrition and feeding - The free range system

by ruchita last modified Mar 06, 2014 05:15 PM

Mar 06, 2014

Published by - Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

This presentation is part two in the series of ‘poultry nutrition and feeding’. It explains feed resources and feeding practices in free range poultry production systems. The presentation focuses on the importance of on-farm feed production to ensure an optimum supply of protein and fiber to poultry birds. The presentation highlights how the rearing of a variety of poultry species in a free range system can ensure the optimum utilization of the free range system due to the varying dietary requirements of poultry birds. The presentation emphasizes how sufficient protein and fiber supply may lead to a reduction in losses of free range hens while also increasing profitability by at least 20 percent.

The content of the video was prepared by Prof. Dr. Funso Sonaiya for Associate Poultry Advisers as part of a training programme organized by FAO in cooperation with IFAD.