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Percentage of population which depends directly on poultry as a source of income in India

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Jan 28, 2014

The following query was received from Anupama James from Centre for Insurance and Risk Management, Tamil Nadu, on June 18, 2009.

I am currently working on a project - to understand the risks and vulnerability of poultry farmers and the also the criticality of this livelihood to the poultry farmers. Can I get information about sources which provide details on the risks borne by backyard poultry growers? Also the % of population which depend directly on poultry as a source of income in India, even if nationally it is not a signicant percentage.It would also be very helpful if you could guide me as to any particular region eg: North East or communities like the Scheduled Tribes and such other marginalised communities who are overtly dependant on poultry as a source of income and their extent of dependence.

Part I - The answers to the first part of the query get comprehensively answered through the following GP Notes and Briefs on the Small Holder Poultry. The links to the aforesaid titles are appended hereunder:

  • Unpacking the 'Poor Productivity' Myth: Women Resurrecting Poultry Biodiversity and Livelihoods in Andhra Pradesh, India, #
  • Mitigating Diseases and Saving Valuable Assets: Poultry Vaccinators Delivering Services to the Doorstep of the Poorest in Bangladesh#
  • Linking Business with Pro-Poor Development: A Backyard Poultry Value Chain Increases Assets, Income and Nutrition#

Part II – Poultry sector now employs over 2.0 million people. At least 80% of employment in the poultry sector is generated directly by farmers, while 20% is engaged in allied activities like feed production, pharmaceuticals, equipment etc. Additionally there may be a similar number of people engaged in marketing and other channels servicing the poultry sector. It may also be noted that as backyard poultry is not a full time occupation and taken care of mostly by family members, it is difficult to account for people engaged in this venture, which may also run into hundreds of thousands. It is also estimated that for increase in per capita availability of one egg of 50 gms. of poultry meat, an additional 20,000-25,000 job opportunities are created. (Source: Draft National Poultry Policy 2005 Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries)

More than 3 million people directly or indirectly depend on this sector for income and employment.

Backyard poultry sector of Rural India makes up 52% (2003) of fowl population and contributes 23% (2005-6) of total eggs produced. (Source: FAO Poultry Sector Review-India 2008)

Since disaggregated data on exact numbers raising poultry as primary livelihood is not found mentioned in any of the official documents, it is suggested to go through the information available on the below mentioned web link to develop a better understanding of the complexity of this sector.
Thematic Focus (Small Holder Poultry) - #