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Family poultry nutrition and feeding - The small-scale intensive system

by ruchita last modified Mar 06, 2014 05:15 PM

Mar 06, 2014

Published by - Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

This presentation is part four of the four part series on ‘poultry nutrition and feeding.’ It explains the feed resources and feeding practices in small-scale intensive poultry production systems where birds are kept in complete confinement with the maximum size of the unit being 1000 birds. It highlights how proper nutrition and feeding, and good management is necessary to ensure high productivity and profit under this system. Small-scale intensive poultry rearing systems include the rearing of exotic breeds of layers or broilers, exclusively feeding on commercial balanced feeds and supported by a full complement of disease prevention and control. The presentation points out that only one species of poultry should be kept under this system and further highlights that nutrient imbalances and inadequate quantities of feed will result in huge losses of production and income.

The content of the video was prepared by Prof. Dr. Funso Sonaiya for Associate Poultry Advisers as part of a training programme organized by FAO in cooperation with IFAD.