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Mar 15, 2013

Native Tract

The native tract is Bharuch and Narmada districts of Gujarat. The name of the breed is derived from the Ankleshwar region of district  Bharuch. The breeding range extends to Jumbusar, Zagadia, Bharuch, Hansot and Valia of Bharuch and Dediapada, Rajpipla, Tilakwada and Nadod of the Narmada district of Gujarat.


  • Average Flock Size: 5 – 10 birds.
  • Comb shape is single, rose-coloured.
  • Annual egg production: 81.
  • Average age at first laying cycle: 181 days.
  • Average egg weight: 34.3 gms.
  • Fertility: 91.3%.
  • Hatchability of Fertile Eggs: 92.4%.
  • Body Weight (in grams):












Cultural / Economic Significance

These  birds are mainly reared by tribal communities in South Gujarat for backyard poultry farming. The estimated population in the Bharuch and Narmada districts of Gujarat, is 4,500 birds. They are maintained without vaccination and medication, and have reasonable feed efficiency as they survive on 25-30 gms of grains, scavenging and maintain excellent fertility.