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Konkan Kanyal

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Feb 21, 2013

Konkan Kanyal goats were registered as a distinct breed by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources in May 2012. They are native to the Konkan region of Maharashtra, and are reared mostly by the Dhangar and Maratha communities for meat.

These goats are mainly black with a white marking in a specific pattern–the ventral surface of the body is white and the legs have white ‘stockings’. Konkan Kanyal goats have bilateral white strips from nostrils to ears; a flat and broad forehead; flat, long drooping ears; backward, straight, pointed, cylindrical horns; white muzzle and long legs, laterally black, medially white from knee to the fetlock joint. 

The body weight of adult bucks and does averages 35 and 30 kg respectively. Konkan Kanyal goats are regular breeders and breed round the year, with a twinning percentage of about 66%. Since it has only recently been registered, this breed was not included in the 18th Livestock census of 2007, and therefore information on numbers of this breed is currently not available.


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