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Feb 21, 2013

Zalawadi goats are native to Gujarat. They are large animals. The coat is black and comprises long coarse hair.


Ears are long, wide, leaf-like and drooping. Both sexes have long twisted horns, pointed upward. The kidding percentage is 78% and the litter size is mainly single (82%) and sometimes twins (18%). The average daily milk yield is 2 kg and the lactation period is about 200 days.  The average annual yield of hair is 245 gms. 

According to the 18th Livestock Census 2007, the number of Zalawadi goats in the country is 823,056.


Adult Male    Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg)    37 to 40  33 
Average Body length (cm) 74 to 77  72 
Average Height at withers (cm) 83  78 
Average Chest girth (cm)                76 to 78  72 to 76 




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Photo Source: CSWRI, Avikanagar