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Mar 15, 2013

Native tract

Widely distributed in Bhawanipatna, Khariar and Nawapara subdivisions of Kalahandi district of Odisha.


  • Birds are alert, active and vary from small to medium in size with well-proportioned body.
  • Plumage colour differs on the 3 different varieties:
    -Brown or Khairi
    -Black or Kabri
    -Barred or Chitri.
  • Average Body length:
    -Male: 70 cm
    -Female: 55 cm.
  • Height:
    -Male: 69 to 78 cm
    -Female: 51 to 64 cm.
  • Single comb with 5 serrations is very common.
  • Wattles are fairly large and well-rounded and red in colour.
  • Head is small to medium in size.
  • Eyes are medium sized, usually gray or black in colour.
  • Standard Weight:
    -Cock: 2 to 3 kgs
    -Hen: 1.3 to 1.7 kgs.
  • Egg laying age: 5 to 6 months.
  • Average annual egg production: 100 to 150 eggs.
  • Egg shell colour: White

Cultural / Economic Significance

The birds are raised in the backyard in the smallholder production system. Flock size varies from 8 to 100 birds. It is a dual purpose bird for production of both eggs and meat. About 50% of the eggs are for consumption and the remaining for hatching.
The birds are well adapted to their environment and capable of protecting themselves from predators.