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Feb 21, 2013

The Kanni-Adu breed is found in Tamil Nadu in south India. They are also known locally as Pullaiadu and Karapuadu.


They are tall animals, predominantly black or black with white spots. The ears are medium long, males are horned and females are polled1. The tail is medium-sized and thin; the udder is small and round, with small teats placed laterally.  The kidding percentage is 80 to 85%; the litter size is primarily single (90%) and sometimes twins.  

The Kanni-Adu is maintained primarily for meat and is not milked. According to the 18th Livestock Census 2007, the number of Kanni-Adu goats in the country is 2,094,297.


Adult Male    Adult Female
Average Body weight (kg) 34 to 38  28 
Average Body length (cm) 70 to 72  67 
Average Height at withers (cm)       82 to 86  76 
Average Chest girth (cm) 76 to 79  70 





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  1. Polled livestock are livestock without horns, of species that normally have them. The term refers both to breeds or strains which are naturally polled through selective breeding and also to naturally horned animals which have been dehorned.