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Oats - Milky stage

It refers to the 4-5 months of oat growth. In the lower valleys, the milky stage is reached in the months of April and May.

In the higher alpine areas, oats reach their milky stage in the months of September and October. This is the time when farmers harvest oats for hay making.

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Oats - Dough stage

Oats reach the dough or seed production stage after 5-6 months of sowing. In the lower valleys, farmers produce their own oat seeds in addition to producing surplus seed for farmers in high altitude areas. After harvesting the seed, the straw is used for animal feed. In the valleys oat seed is generally harvested in June.
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Oats - Booting stage

It refers to the 3-4 months of the growing stage of oats. The most appropriate time for sowing oats differs in the lower valleys and the higher alpine ranges.

In the lower valleys, oats are sown in December/ January and the booting stage is reached in the months of March and April. At this time no other fodder or grass is available except oats.

In the higher alpine regions, oats are planted in the months of April and May when the Yak herders migrate to the higher pastures.

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Open Fleece

Open fleece in wool refers to fewer fibres per square inch, and is the opposite of dense fleece.

OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health)

The World Organisation for Animal Health is the intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide and was created by an international agreement as the International Office of Epizootics (still known by its French acronym Office International des Epizooties - OIE) on 25 January 1924.

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